Wednesday , October 27 2021

Macro received the supreme authority of the Catholic Church, Casa Rosada


The head of the CEA gave greetings to the end-of-year parties and expressed concern about the social situation and the rise of poverty, as the Church has said in its last statements.

The new financing mechanism of Gurtza was discussed, when the Government and Curias decided to leave their descendants $ 130 million year to the Church. Believers can make a voluntary contribution to establishing their children's school fee, instead of the funds received from the Church and resigned in November.


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According to official sources, a meeting tradition responded to the relationship between the national government and the Church. However, this year it has a specific context, statements made by the Pope together with other Catholic Church Francis and Argentina.

Papal message

In order to celebrate the 52nd World Day for Peace, the Supreme Pontifical, which will be held on January 1, will open a message for a few days now that men and women have "made" their policies.

The papal decalogy of good habits can be interpreted as communal for local affairs. To explain the concepts, Jorge Bergoglio He recalled the "Beatitudes de la amistad" politician "Vietnam Cardinal" François-Xavier Nguyễn Vãn Thuận, He died in 2002

  • "Blessing is important to be a politician and know his role;
  • Blessed is a politician who reflects credibility.
  • Blessed is a politician who works for ordinary work and not for his own interest.
  • The Blessed is a politician who is faithfully consistent.
  • The politician who tells the Blessed Unit.
  • Blessed is a politician committed to making a political change.
  • He is a politician who is blessed.
  • Blessed is not afraid of the politician. "

At the same time, Francisco damaged "violent policies" and "personal disability, distortion of the environment and institutions ".

"These vices, undermining the idea of ​​real democracy, are the unwanted public life and endanger social peace: corruption – disobedience to public goods in different ways or in the exploitation of people – denial of the Right, community violations, unlawful wealth, justification of power by force or" "Contempt of arbitrary excuse, power, perpetuating xenophobia and racism, refusing under the custody of the land, the unlimited exploitation of natural resources for the immediate benefit, the contempt of those who have been exiled," Pontiff said.


Bake Episcopate and San Isidro Bishop, along with the executive committee of the CEA, first vice president, Buenos Aires archbishops, cardinals Mario Poli; Second vice president of La Rioja and bishop, monsignor Marcelo Colombo; and Chascomus's secretary general and bishop Chascomus, monsignor Carlos Malfa

On behalf of the Government, the Head of the Cabinet participated, Marcos Peña, Minister of Health and Social Development, Carolina Stanley; and the worship secretary, Alfredo Abriani, The institutional relationship between church and other Christians.

Last week, the bishops received business leaders, trade unionists, social organizations and co-operatives. "Grave" Social status of the country. that's it paper UIA, FSNM unions and social movements and opposition piqueteros signed.


The church came together with Macri days after the latest figures published by the Observatory of the Catholic University of the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA). 33.6% poverty index, and 6.1% In the third quarter of this year, indigenous.

In the highest price, the latest declarations of Archbishop Corrientes were added, Andrés Stanovnik. "The role as a pastor is not specialized in political readings, but I can express what I see, I am a witness when I talk to the priests who are in the periphery of the city, and not, it's good. Time is difficult economic, very difficult . The country's situation is not easy and, above all, for those who have always suffered. I have almost 70 years and I have seen the crises. I have seen whoever pays, who suffers most, suffer people who always have bread on the table and often do not reach ", The highest Corrientes religious authority at Corrientes Hoy's newspaper.

"There are many dining rooms, not only Caritas, in the neighborhood parishes. Likewise, NGOs and other Christian confessions also help to protect such things, that is not exploded. There are other institutions, Catholics and non-Catholics, who have to recognize the places that cover the state's absence, "he emphasized social support.

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