Sunday , May 9 2021

Mad Box lifted Mad Box console design

Although Constable and their near future viability are being questioned, Mad Studios are very popular. The project CARS, surprised by the fact that locals and strangers reveal themselves with the intention of entering the sector with Mad Box, which has the power of the consumer and the power created by the company. However, after seeing design proposals, the players were not happy and the critics did not wait but the answer was immediate and recently the new console design was presented.

In a Twitter post on his Twitter, Ian Bell, the CEO of Slightly Mad, presented a new design for the Mad Box console after responding to the community's critics and suggestions. A new Bell proposition shows a piece of hardware, mixing black and blue, and a smaller design, without forgetting futuristic touches. Also, a front screen will show what the user is playing, a video game, a song or a series on the distribution platform, changing the colors and layouts that are displayed next to the panel. console

Mad Box's new design, which stands out from Slightly Mad, is another advantage that can be mounted vertically or even on the wall. In that sense, the proposal is, whatever the position is placed, the eye is pleasant.

What do you think of Mad Box's new design?

Let us know in the comments and remember that you will find everything related to the next Slightly Mad console.

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