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"Magallanes Iraute" is a joke to give a green light to buy a lab – 03/23/2013

Alejandro Manzanares told Justice that one of the first details was his friend, Kirchner former Secretary Daniel Muñoz, how he managed to participate his fortune abroad. Miami assured them that he had traveled to three apartments in Miami L faithful assistant, they were not under judicial investigation.

He also told a scene The way Muñoz spent his fortune According to the testimony of other councilors, he also regretted the case of Cuadernos, he admitted that he did not.

Manzanares described to the authorities of this file that he traveled next to the famous headmistress Muñoz, Carlos Temísclotes Cortez, They had to buy a laboratory that was a sudden project Argentina At the same time, he called the plan for his friend and investment partner.

Muñoz said yes. Manzanares explained why it was advisable to include a company of this type: the company that has a faithful secretary already bought the traditional Pharmaco Rio Gallegos, currently in 22 countries with 22 stores in the Patagonia provinces.

When American travelers made a point of stressing Muñoz and spent more than millions of dollars in this laboratory, He dispersed three answers with a phrases, which also brings a smile to the "Polo". The secretary K said goodbye to accepting a new investment: "Staying Magellan". Some decades ago, it's just a phrase to be able to code only those who lived in Santa Cruz. It was "Magallanes Aguanta" slogan Publicity of commercial clothing in the local radio station.

The operation could not be closed at the end.

But Muñoz has always bought a multi-market company, similar to a distillery, under the control of Manzanera, who had no details: he had bought a chemical company that only had the confirmation of his own friend. He also studied homes in Buenos Aires and Federal Capital, as well as garages and other companies, such as an oil company, Muñoz with Cortez and other men, Manzanares gradually declined.

Before starting to die, Muñoz asked his friend "Polo" to apologize for what he was "not known".

According to the Accountant's Judicial Account, the plight of Muñoz began agonizing when "Panama Papers" were published, when maritime companies' documents appeared, they soon found themselves as owners, among the power of other countries. planet, Kirchner's secretary.

Manzanares told the Justice that Cristina Kirchner called on him to speak face to face with the international business of Muñoz. "Pole", according to the version, always told him that he knew about off-shore filtration, Muñoz said that one day his network of business was public and that he had access to journalism.

Manzanares is going through today's jail to pay for what he has repeated, he wants to meet the family that lives in Río Gallegos.

And he will make sure forever grateful Marcos Paz prisoner who helps bring food. De Vido, especially former minister, Alessandra Minnicelli, wife.

Manzanares, in the "Cuadernos" case, said he would regret it. There is nothing. Only the love that flared during power was reinforced, and it is reinforced in the misfortunes that share the experience of jail.

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