Wednesday , September 28 2022

Magma chamber reveals that they are not responsible for volcanic eruptions


A study published in Nature magazine points out that volcanoes are not found on rocky floods, but in "mushroom reservoirs": the sites that contain it solid crystalline rocks and let the small free spaces that magma find.

Until now, experts believed that the volcanoes fell under the magma chambers, noticing that these deposits did not.

Matthew Jackson, a member of the Imperial School in London (England, United Kingdom), in the Department of Earth Sciences and Engineering, explains this discovery by scientists "Re-examine how and why eruptions arise".

This new explanation may be compared to the small amount of magma during the eruption. However, specialists have explained that the material has a lower density, which can be elevated when other eruptions emerge and transform into other sectors.

Stephen Parks, lecturer and author of the School of Earth Sciences of the University of Bristol, according to the latest hypothesis, "rocky molars are largely crystalline rocks" and magma "Among the most small pores, within rock, instead of large repositories ".

Thus, synthetic rocks would conclude "merging groups, creating or creating magmatic ephemeral cameras".

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