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Maidana is determined to leave, but River wants to leave the money – 12/01/2019

"For me, Maidana is a loyal warrior," said Marcelo Gallardo Jonatan Maidan in a statement repeatedly in an interview. bugle. And Jony clarified in court. Thousands of men in battle have always put face, chest and head to defend the river's shirt, which sometimes has scratched goals and cuts in body production. The battle directs everything directed at the Mexican footballer, so that one of the most recent historians of this establishment disappears. Last Wednesday, only Captain Leonardo Ponzio was left with Muñeco.

The Mexican Toluca came and decided to make a million offers, a difficult task. From around the players, Clarín said that Maidan is glad to see this time and will accept the offer. "He is not only an economist, but he feels that he has already won and won everything in the river, and in what way the image of the Copa Libertadores must be held in his hands," said one of the near players.

Maidana is an atypical case for modern football, at least in this world. It was eight and a half years ago on the river. All records And the story of the band story is a movie. Everything lived. It was difficult to lose the category, National B, the year that came after the club and rebuild it to touch the sky with your hands. He joined the Jony Matías Almeyda team in the first lap of the River first and won 11 more titles, two as Ramón Díaz coach and 9 Gallardo. Beast

What would happen if the Mexican Puebla guarantees had been in the river at the beginning of 2014 to look for that Mexican club? It would be another story of Maidana. He did not leave at last and it was the best. It was a standard million dollar defense. The centralized was passed and consolidated. He played for several occasions. Review: Alexis Ferrero, Adalberto Román, Agustín Alayes, Leandro González Pires, Jonathan Bottinelli, Eder Alvarez Balanta, Emanuel Mammana, Germán Pezzella, Ramiro Funes Mori, Arturo Mina, Lucas Martínez Quarta and Javier Pinola. Maidana-Funes Mori and Maidana-Pinola Maidana-Funes Mori and Maidana-Pinola are probably Maidana-Funes Mori and Maidana-Pinola, America's 2015 and 2018 champion groups, respectively.

With the improvement of the game of many youngsters who played with him, the idea that Maidan gained money was strengthened. Between Mummana, Pezzella, Funes Mori and Balanta, the Núñez team won almost 25 million dollars.

However, game details are missing. Your representative will meet in the next hours with River leadership and will be defined. The contract with the Maidana Núñez club ended in June this year. After being less than six months away, the rivers would not receive any money from Toluca, in the club they are interested in, they can directly agree with the player.

Maidana's idea, if left, is to do well, leaving money with the box. For this reason, it should only refuse the rewards and prizes, or if part of Toluca's offer goes to the cashier's banks.

Meanwhile, in many cases, River will bring another defense, Paulo Díaz out of Chile. The youth of Liverpool in Liverpool in Uruguay were in the U-20 of their country. Someone thought of marking the phone number of Nicolás Otamendi to get the center of Manchester City and the National Argentinian team. Now it is very difficult, but maybe in the middle of the year …

Ezeiza was reduced to football

Ibai Group made the first practice on Saturday morning in the village of Ezeiza after the mini-predecessor, Punta del Este, and Marcelo Gallardo's decision was shortened, because the judges were not in formal football. In the first work of Buenos Aires, football was reduced to adapt to soccer. Undoubtedly, on Sunday morning, when the River Training session returns, there will be a practice football match against the National Uruguay, on Tuesday afternoon, against Defense and Justice (Superliga delay) next Saturday at the Monumental, the official doll competition.

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