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Malbrán technicians are studying cases of hiavirus in Epuyen

Today and tomorrow, field investigations will be carried out among the new cases of Hernia Hantavirus.

The Ministry of Health of Chubut has announced that "new actions on the ground" will be carried out along with the Malbrán Institute, the Esquel Health Area, the municipality and local health groups, as part of its predecessor, as a result of the epidemic contingency caused by the emergence of Hantavirus ".

They arrive at Epuyen 12 confirmed cases of hantavirus and 5 people were killed as a result of the virus.

Teresa Strella, the Provincial Director of Pathology and Epidemiology, Maider, has said that "it will be" incessant Research on epidemiology of confirmed cases, Work carried out from the beginnings of the continents and the identification of 12 cases that have been confirmed by hantavirus. "

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Strella says "they will meet Worker's intersector tables " among all organisms.

He will move forward "a Review and update all the work that has been updated"He added," the new lines of intervention presented "will also be evaluated according to the presentations.

Also, tomorrow, Friday, "open interview" will be held, "we will explain the effects of the previous day's work. We will respond to the concerns of the population".

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