Tuesday , August 3 2021

Maputxe raised a 40-year career after Rafael Nahuel's crime

Rafael Nahuel Prison Lafken Winkul Mapu Lof Mapuche Occupation Crime In Villa Mascardi, Mapuche men and women go south to 40 south, for more than two and a half hours of justice.

Traffic lock On Tuesday the Protestant installation began with an asphalt ribbonburning tires with signs and claims. Cut was created around 18

The exhibition Maputxe occupation height was completed in 40 years, 35 kilometers from Bariloche and there until the Gendarmerie was opened. Likewise, the motorbike warning and stopping of motorbikes moved to the neighborhood of the Road Safety section.

Police sources said the protests were damaging one of the windmills of a Rio Negro police patrol.

It may be interesting: "They cover the killer of Rafa"

There, the witnesses made banners "Justice for the weichafe Rafael Nahuel " and the printed brochures were divided into "Weichafe Rafael Nahuel Macri, Bullrich, Judge Villanueva, Attorney Silvia Little and National Parks.

Sunday, November 25 One year after the death of Nahuel, Lafwen Winkul Mapu was a young man with the help of Lofen's occupation, after the Naval team of the Albatros Prefecture sought to find themselves in the territories.

Judicial court, until a few days ago judge Gustavo Villanueva was in charge, did not judge anyone. The family believes that the author is agent Francisco Javier PintosAlbatro was identified through his abilities.

Nahuel family and social organizations decided Today they are not carried out in Bariloche But the claim of justice Tomorrow, tomorrow, there will be two demonstrations, at 10 in the morning, one at the National Court and another one in the afternoon, at 17, at the Civic Center.


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