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Maradona won, but he was his opponent


November 30, 2018

Dorados de Sinaloa won at home Atlético San Luis, a minority in the first half of Mexico's rise. Maradona leaves the penalty for the match.

In Mexico, Maradona got his first position as Dorados coach for the inaugural Mexican Championship races. Atlético has been 1-0 against San Luis and will be in the center of Argentina's Argentinian next Sunday.

The game was very attractive. Before the first ten first ten minutes, Gold Sinalo stated clearly that he had two goals and was in the Banaste stadium.

However, with the execution of the initial section San Luis He took confidence and linked the match process. So he could have scored two points that were very clear. In one of them, the goalkeeper saved the goalkeeper from Argentina Gaspar Servio and the Paraguayan defender Cristian Javier Báez he was very neglected.

Maradona's penalty?

The second time was the first one, both teams had the chance to break zero, but to achieve this Big Fish of Maradona 15 minutes left at the end of the game scissors Edson Rivera's goal He won the final result 1-0.

When the game is over, He crossed the ugly Maradona coach, Alfonso Sosa, and he answered his face, and the fourth judge asked him to speak. At the end of the dressing room, I left Argentina, while San Luis was in the field.

The rebound will be played next Sunday at 23.30 You will know the Argentine Atlético de San Luis, who will be the champion of the 2018 Opening Tournament. The Mexican First Division champion decides before the champion champion of the 2019 Championship that will face the champions champion.

In this way, contrary to the previous one, when there was a sports advantage in the best position of the general table, at the end of the second and third season there would be more time in the same points and targets and the same will be determined. Penalizations based on shots. The defeat of the minimum inequality of the Diego Maradon teammate will allow the complement, and will win the title of Maradona Dorados in San Luis's win or draw.

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