Saturday , July 2 2022

Marcelo Tinelli, about the events of the Superfinal: "We gave the sad image, it was crazy"


Marcelo Tinelli took advantage of this program on Monday night eltrece to make one strong analysis The Way and the Boca Cup about the events that could take place at the Libertadores Superfin weekend. "Sometimes it seems that football players have been terribly aggressive," he said.

The driver, allowed the football voice, as a leader in San Lorenzo, dismissed the violence to suspend the game on Saturday: "If you do not have a game, Do not play it anymore. But things need to be done better. Think of everything that power has had so much power. What things were done to take advantage of these bars we can not use today. "

"I wanted to send it above all A kiss from the Boca group, In addition, players who do not have victims should think. They wanted to play a footballer with a player in the clinic. Fortunately, the common sense was the dominant one, although it was necessary to act, "said the current vice president of San Lorenzo.

Tinelli's security operation was very critical: "They pulled the stones out of the ambulance until they came to the field. They broke everything around the stadium. You have to act responsibly and truthfully. Everything looks like it's about annoying commentators, but what should we change? We gave a sharp picture, but it is unfortunate that there are no people in charge. "

"It seems that the most important thing is that it is caused by the players, it's the cost of the attack." He was always questioned, saying that they made a gesture or singing over the microphone, It's horrible. He is a socially ill. It's a shame, not criticized by River or Boca or the Government, but no one is responsible. Fortunately, we can change, take responsibility and take action, something is done, "he asked.

Next, the driver Showmatch He said: "Do you think you must play or be a champion when we think today? Do you think that football players are attacking? Photos, videos, live for everyone, embarrassment. Do you want to go to the court? We need solutions. I find it wonderful. "

"I'm not speaking as a Vice President of San Lorenzo, I speak as a human being. The statement said that a stone fell, but it was a million. People were stolen on the outside, though the entrance to the court was stopped, "he added.

The closure was a misfortune and frustration: "Nobody has to take care of the point of the river or Boca, what happens now that it is able to continue playing football. Something needs to be changed. We could not match that. There are players that are no longer lost, sensitive and directed. We are all prisoners of this system".

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