Monday , May 29 2023

Marcelo Tinelli decided the final change with the jury with unexpected consequences


Last minute change! Marcelo Tinelli made a sudden change in the jury's unexpected consequences.

The driver changed after the choreography of Mica Viciconte, when she announced "Mrs. Laurita Fernández's vote, but before voting, gentlemen … Vote now? Well, follow. Vote now."

"Hello, I mean Leandro, an excellent teacher of folklore …"He stopped interrupting driver Laurita.

Marcelo asked, "Excuse me, Laurita, Before voting, Mrs. Peña de Florencia will vote. "

"Yes, well … Well, give up", The Jury was surprised.

Marcelo justified that "We are Friday, it is divine, we are doing a skip, Ms Florence Peña …"

The laureate's return never came, as he turned, he did not give up and qualified Mica directly with five.He raised the anger of the irrescible sorosle.

Everything is compassionate!

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