Sunday , January 17 2021

Marcelo Tinelli's message to Flor Vigna after accusing her of "missing champion"

On Tuesday night, during the Dance of 2018 gala, a pretty tense moment lived when Marcelo Tinelli asked for Flor Vigna. He tweeted her as "absent champion." and Facundo Mazzei, the dancer that is now accompanied by Mery Del Cerro, exploded. "It will come before the end of the year," he said. Now the driver spoke to the girl in the social networks and the actress also said his.

"I would never get angry with @flor_vigna because it is a divine. We make jokes in the program. She has always been very grateful and we look forward to her when she can be, "she wrote in her Twitter account.

The protagonist of My brother is a clone read his message and responded saying he was very pleased with all that lived in the cycle: "I lived priceless things. I am very grateful and I give my word to go as soon as I can. I will arrange schedules and commitments to be there. "

In mid-October, the blonde left him Dancing 2018 after completing his performance in the rhythm of Luis Miguel. He said he was collapsed from work and that because of the cobra trials that will be released in January with Nicolás Vázquez and Benjamín Rojas, it was impossible for him to continue.

Who came out with the stoppers to defend the ex Fight It was her mother, Viviana Pereyra, who retitulated some comments against Tinelli. He accused him of chimney and "throwing sticks" if they do not applaud him as seals. Tremendous!

The woman also indicated that Flor will be present at the contest these days, when Facundo and Mery dance Folklore. How will the reunion with Marcelo be?

The round trip between Marcelo Tinelli and Flor Vigna on Twitter.
The round trip between Marcelo Tinelli and Flor Vigna on Twitter.

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