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Marcos Díaz: Greetings from Hurricane Symbol – 12/12/2013


It is not official yet, but it is already a certainty. Marcos Díaz will be the goalkeeper of Hurricane after more than five years. Those who know exactly who say "want to change the air." He completed a cycle. Among others, Alejandro Nadur has pointed out others related to swimming pools. In the following days a press conference will be offered to say goodbye to fans and to explain the reasons for it. Your contract will end on December 31.

It's not greeting. About this The departure of the goalkeeper with the most influential Newbery Globe history, according to the life of this organization for 110 years. The last two titles were decisive; Copa Argentina, 2014; and the Supercup, before the Gallardo River 2015. The image of two competitions was revealed.

His step is also told with numbers. He became The second goalkeeper with more games in Hurricane History, 185. Raul Navarro (Carlos Navarro Montoya's father) and Bruno Barrionuevo only behind. In addition, the defensive stages were crucial: semifinals, finals and playoffs played eight games (including two extensions). He had six unknown wins and scored three goals. And there were 390 minutes late (Central, River and South America's 2015 trip against the Independent Cup against Santa Fe against Colombia) who always kept their zero goal.

They gave him many spouses with him: King Kong, The Burning Guard, San Marcos. On this archer, journalist Alejandro Gorenstein represents this indolent nature of Hurricane. The dimension of the protagonist comes from the book's title: "Marcos Díaz: the hero that changed the history of the hurricane".

"An idol is coming out, the main character in the club's latest history", said Nadur. All hurricane fans almost think they can not applaud to avoid their severity.

There's nothing left for Gustavo Busto de Gustavo Alfaro. It's not an economic issue ("Nadur puts the club's historical contract," Clarín told a manager). Your destination has not been confirmed yet. It was named Libertad de Paraguay now in Libertadores in the first phase of 2019.

In Caseros Street, however, they are already looking for alternative search. Agustín Rossi, from Boca. The dream is called Marcelo Barovero, from Monterrey, Mexico. He also appeared under the name of Ezequiel Unsain, Defense and Justice.

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