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María Eugenia Vidal advances the bonus and gives a minimum retirement bonus – 23/11/2018


It will be given by the governor Maria Eugenia Vidal retirement bonus and the pensioners in Buenos Aires who receive the lowest pension the bonus will go forward In the first days of December he was granted to staff. Thus, it continues the measures of the national administration, in order to avoid social conflicts in the heat of the past few years.

The executive source of power has indicated that the decree of December December of social concentration measures will be announced that the governor of Lanús will be informed. It also includes More Bonus for Life Plan Beneficiaries, Coexistence Increase in the amount of housing and family solidarity.

In addition, the Province Bank It will keep a 50% discount in December supermarket purchases included Wednesday 19 and 23It will incorporate new benefits for Christmas purchases. There are 15 chain links, more than 1,780 outlets and more than 4.2 million beneficiaries in Buenos Aires.

"As the Government assumes, we are committed to bringing people closer to Buenos Aires, and can help them with tailor-made specific measures, with their current support," according to the administration of Buenos Aires.

The Provincial Administration will establish a bonus for the 300,000 beneficiaries of the Vida Vida plan, and will receive subsidies received by the Homes for Coexistence and Solidarity families.

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