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María Eugenia Vidal: "I will solve the electoral strategy with the President" – 11/24/2018


Government elections Changes take place to speculation or not. Debut enters the pace of economic crisis that Mauricio Macri's nature threatens. The director of Maria Eugenia Vidal wants to find a new term in 2019, as the possible polarization between Macri and Cristina may eventually hurt. Casa Rosada continues to worry about the election of its members: it seems that, unless it is attached to Vidal's vote, it may result in electoral performance.

– What's true, governor?

María Eugenia Vidal, in the new offices of the Liberator.

María Eugenia Vidal, in the new offices of the Liberator.

– In addition to the election year, many speculations arise. Actually, elections are not on the agenda of the people, not mine. Not the election calendar strategy, nor the candidates. The Lehendakari, with the National Government, will be something I will do in the field of change, as in 2015. We will not conduct any tests until at least March.

– Is there a possibility of losing elections due to a crisis?

– I do not think the winner has chosen one. It is people who decide. It would not be so excellent. Power does not have policy.

– You have always said that you will not do any harm to Mac. Do you not think that you want to go ahead with the elections?

– Election decisions are always held with Mauricio. I will not make electoral speculation.

– Is the relationship with the president the same? There was no budget tension?

Governor Vidal says that Cristina is in the hands of an important social sector.
Photos by Emmanuel Fernandez

Governor Vidal says that Cristina is in the hands of an important social sector.
Photos by Emmanuel Fernandez

– We saw each other on Thursday and it was not planned. We are rosada My relationship is 16 years old. We have a personal link, more than respect to its presidency image. We are members of the same group and that will never change. He has always been very generous and has shown pride in my growth. He knew me he did not know me. It was first.

– Nation resolved the problem of provincial adaptation?

– I do not think that. We are the same teams. We have no majority in the Congress and is negotiated with governors and the majority is a Peronist. Their position was the effort of the Nation, the City and the province. And that happened. More time with the Conurbano fund, the FPV and the former presidents were the silence and complicity of the governor.

-What will the dispute over resources continue?

"Perhaps prior to the work it was before, it is urgently economic nowadays," says Vidal.
Photos by Emmanuel Fernandez

-We will continue to talk with the president next year. I will work to recover. We want to update the Conurbano Fund, which is 19,000 million pesos.

-You have been in the government for three years. How far is Cambiemos from the project in the country that you thought?

– They are as sharp as mine and mine feel like they are. But it seems that there is a difference for 2015. Nowadays, we have a province without a point of view, where those in need have a help desk, a place where they are already in a province without control and there are no more than 11 thousand policemen and 33 judges and prosecutors, drug trafficking, corruption and because the crime cover is linked. The police control system works for the first time. There is a province that works with hydraulic work, there are places where floods continue, others are flooded and others are not directly flooded. It was unthinkable three years ago, for example, the elimination of the final elections of the mayor, or the president of the next 20 most important countries in the world this weekend. Previously, our only friends were Venezuela or Iran. We're far from everything we wanted, but there is definitely a change.

President Macri and Frigerio, together with the mayor of the country, this Thursday. Vidal wants to discuss the Conurbano Funds Nation.

President Macri and Frigerio, together with the mayor of the country, this Thursday. Vidal wants to discuss the Conurbano Funds Nation.

– When teachers do not earn income they will keep the promise?

-There are now 32% and 35% present. We must do it again at the end of the year. For those who expect speculation to come next December … We will call 20th meeting and 11th Proposal. It's been a difficult year. Because people have difficulties in housing, we also have provincial governments. We can not make a payment commitment without knowing how to close the month of January.

– Do you think that the government is making a bid for Cristina candidates, is that beneficial?

– Candidates are not defined by policies and people. This is so, and it will be like that. Nowadays, it is a social sector, and Cristina wants to be a candidate, and that is what he thinks is independent. Mauritius is a sector of society that wishes to become a candidate. They are no longer defined by parties, assemblies or meetings. It's society

– Is not there a risk of polarization strategy?

– I never proposed a proposed society based on another. But also, people do not want to go back. The task is to show the way that is worth it. We must defend our values, correct errors and correct them.

-What does the new president's "new" appear or do you think Macri's main opponent will be Cristina?

– Very missing. It is arguing about this issue that people still do not do that because they have other urgent needs. I always said that in 2015 it was not won and won by Mauricio. In 2015, people got an idea of ​​what they had to present and we imagined. Neither Cambiemos points out that Argentina wants to signify and still believe in Argentina in 2015, as well as mistakes and successes, and all that remains to be done. Argentinian without lies, without corruption, with real works and not posters.

– Dujovn said "the adaptation of this magnitude has never been done without the Government's failure". Did you share it?

– He said, there was no macroeconomic adjustment, but devaluation. History compared to other situations. But there were many such. The challenge must be the last and we are on the way. Dollar stability, the rate must be lowered, the area will have a good crop, it will be a tourist sector that will recover a lot and the sector that will last will be in our support.

– Do not you hear a lot of complaints when you visit the conch?

– Well, clearly, is the difficulty to be seen, right? People come and send you. That has always been. Priority was perhaps a priority when work was done and urgently needed a few things, because they were urgent, and today, the economy is much urgent. This occurs throughout the province, but much more in Conurbano, where poverty is higher. But I will tell you to find out about the people who tell me: "Strength, let's get out."

– How is the Church and the Pope, in particular, the tension between the Government? Do you want to get involved in an approach?

– I have never been, and it's not that, nor is it a mediator or articulator between the Governor and the Pope. My relationship with the Pope is not only the Pope but politically more personal. I would never, like other politicians, use their image or try my interpretation. I did not even ask the Pope or Mauricio.

– I asked about the differences …

– Francisco is very much interpreted. What the Pope does and what he does. And the Argentinean Pope and the burden of the pope in the most complex world is implicitly impor- tant. When you join the local raids, they do not take away their image, they do not believe it and we feel a part of the Church.

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