Monday , May 16 2022

María Valenzuela admits that Mirtha Legrand consumes "cannabis drops"


María Valenzuela appeared again in the Mirtha Legrand program and saw it very well. Now, she has long hair and a great smile, showing her current personal work and great work. Everything is not the roses of his life, much better than it was a few months ago when they had to put them in the psychiatric clinic.

The actor said, sometimes, that they were frightened, but he became a refuge in that house. "My house is my shelter. I know it's safe, I often cry in the street, while the panic attacks the panic while the terror is over, I try to solve it, I have to do therapy but I'm running away." "he commented.

The former Dulce Amor said that the death of his friend sank and pained: "I did not eat because it was very depressed, it was a little girl and a friend died, my brother, I also went to the hotel, and for a moment I could not We continued, an intimate friend told me to my children and the psychiatrist. "

Then came his unexpected statement. It only takes one medication and consumes "cannabis drops". The driver, amazing face, Shot: "Can you take cannabis cans? Oh, did you not do it good?"

Valenzana did not respond: "In the morning, three biscuits and three nights are the ones that demonstrate that the people of the 60s or 70s take their bones and muscles through cannabis, it's very good, I bought it in Chile."

"How remarkable"Diva was completely admitted.

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