Friday , August 19 2022

Mariano Iúdia answered Carla Conte's tough accusations


After the driver, "everyone had a ugly episode" with him, his colleagues echoed statements Source: Archive

A few days ago, in the program
What drives on the Elnueve screen, you should see,

Denise Dumas

They suffered a "personal passage"

Mariano Iúdica

– The result of her husband,
Martín "Campi" in Campilo, almost "in the hands" driver
involved and
Controversial bar

Carla Conte

he said
Denise's testimony on Twitter.

"I do not know what they are saying, but it's hardly a woman with NO @ iudica" ugly events, "she's dedicated, and there's a lot of talk about" episode "in Besis," Carla wrote. in the social network. Remember a few years ago, in a conversation with Carla Czudnowsky
Hard to tame, Conte also stated that his colleague had been canceled: "In
This is the show I was playing Carlos Paz, with all his skill … disgusting, it was a daily thing that threw me all the time. Play does not work in any way with me again. "

In the end, his face was visible
involved He mentions the two drivers' words. Join Catalina Dlugi
Grab Catalina According to La Once Ten / Radio de la Ciudad, Iudica said "when you're in the ring, you're beaten," and the light that happened with Denise. "It happened 10 years ago, it was very fun to be in the air of" Campi "
ShowMatch and Marcelo commented about the note while Marcelo [Tinelli] I was talking to a subway, we're laughing now, "he explained.

With regard to Strong Expressions of Conte, Iudica said that the trip was not chosen, although the accusation was not affected. "I decided that the decision was not included in the controversy, it was not my style, so I did not do it, it did not hurt, nor did I want to involve myself (…) I am the best time of my life," he concluded. .

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