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Mariano Martínez explained why he tried to "disdain" Lali Espósito in an audio – 01/31/2019

It was a phrase that generated indignation and that it was viralized in the networks by the end of 2016. That year an audio of Mariano Martínez (40) in which he was listening to criticize strongly to Lali Espósito (27), his ex-girlfriend.

"It's a shame that piba, more bad. Poor, a disheveled, very bad that piba", it was heard in a WhatsApp voice message, which lasted 16 seconds.

Now, sitting on the floor of Wrong (America, at 4.30 pm), the actor was consulted about that polemical phrase. Then he again apologized and gave details of why he said it.

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"I'm not happy to talk about that. It was an audio that was obviously private and it was a moment of anger with someone in privacy. I was angry for a special moment. Not ok I was wrong. I clearly do not think that or think about it, "Martínez began with his story.

And he advanced: "It was not something violent," he corrected Moria Casán, the driver of the cycle – was something in private. It was a time of anger with someone in my privacy. I was wrong. Beyond everything, I have a very good memory, "he said, about his love relationship with Lali that began in the recordings of the strip Hope mine, in 2015, that was emitted by the screen of the Thirteen.

Lali and Mariano were partners until 2016. (Instagram)

Lali and Mariano were partners until 2016. (Instagram)

Although it was more than two years ago, and Martinez is in a couple with Camila Cavallo (with whom he has a daughter in common, Alma), while Lali is a girlfriend with Santiago Mocorrea, the actor did not evade the consultation of the panel of Wrong.

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"I am human. I have good intentions … I fall in love and if I'm wrong, I apologize. I do not like to hurt anyone and less someone I wanted, "he said. And he closed, not wanting to argue with his ex:" If I hurt, I already apologized to the person who had to ask. "

In detail, the audio (which is not yet known to who sent it) was the following: "There I read a little. But you can not get hooked, it happens to all my friends. They are terrible. Above Lali is declaring more and more, she does not let her fall", he was listening to tell the actor, in the beginning. And the most controversial part of the message that was viralized was when Martínez tried to" hate "the actress and singer.

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As soon as it was viralized, the interpreter did not stop receiving mentions from Lali fans to their Twitter profile, so he had to come out to clarify and apologize through the social network. "If I ever said something bad it was hot. Did not they ever happen? Well, what luck. Yes I do not think about those things of anyone and I can make mistakes"he wrote.

"I do not like aggression and I think it's more than clear that I said that in intimacy and angry"added the actor, confirming that the audio was indeed his. And he closed:" I repeat, I do not think it. And I'm sorry that this happens. "

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