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Marie Kondo followers are growing in the country and have to pay 8 thousand dollars to ask for a wardrobe – 11/11/2019

Marie Kondo World pronounces these two magic words. As if, by the way, in order, this superhero came to our door, leaving the brightest chaotic house. It will not come, because we are far away. But with their books, a large number of YouTube tutorials and new Netflix series, there are more Argentines at home with their advice.

Who is the woman talking about angelic faces and nervous giggles? Tokyo (Japan) was born 34 years ago, its real name 近藤 麻 理 恵. He founded the whole company based on the "KonMari" method, among the 100 most important agents in this planet, according to Time magazine's list.

The wardrobe organized by baskets and labels (Martín Bonetto).

The wardrobe organized by baskets and labels (Martín Bonetto).

Now, his image The series series Marie Kondo was launched, launched on January 1 of Netflix. In eight sections, the doors of the American houses have passed. When he got in, he kneeled on the floor and with the arches. Then, the family taught them to fold their clothes, move objects and put them away (thankfully).

It was in social networks Trending Toping and rain on "memes", people on the contrary. Critical reasons call the "Nazi order" and question the order of being exclusive and healthy in order to increase the onset of virtue today. They also say Kondo: We expect no more than 30 books. "Did you think about the top 30 books on the table, Marie Kondo?" The writer Juan Pablo Villalobos asked on Twitter. And well, thousands of comments.

Paradoxically, it is the same editorial event. This author from Argentina, Penguin Random House offers four books – it's the most famous The magic of the order– And his spokesmen said bugle Sales numbers are "very extraordinary" for the industry: there are about 200 thousand copies in our country.

After his success, new life counselors emerged to help organize personal home-based questions. as Estefanía Fryd, "Marie Kondo", was the first official advisor to Argentina. He took part in an official San Francisco Seminar. "He lived there, so it was a bit, we met her husband and daughter, it is impossible to speak with her, because English is not speaking, but she has a good sense of humor," he says.

"He told us from the beginning, the first time he had ordered the house, he took eight pockets, but he still thought he did not think it was completely ordered, he was throwing all things out of the family, he brought many problems and he still felt he had to throw more things out Until one was so scary art, and when he woke up, he noticed that he was doing something bad, he did not want to throw it on, but what he wanted to do. That's where it comes to choosing what you want to be happy, "Estefanía continues.

With his title in hand, he started his business. "They are called by the crisis of the 40s of the 40s, when they want to change their lives, because the shirts are not bending, it is a way of life changing at home and pleasure," says Fryd. "I always speak of the difference between the sorting and organizing, that is, what he does repeatedly, assigning a place to everything, is something that we do every once in life," he adds.

Guadalupe Ferreiro shows a wardrobe (Germán García Adrasti).

Guadalupe Ferreiro shows a wardrobe (Germán García Adrasti).

As in the series, "argenta" goes to guru homes. It organizes a closet of $ 4000. Kitchen, from $ 3000 to $ 3600. Full children's room, about $ 5200. You need to add baskets, based on the method. For example, in the wardrobe, you spend $ 3000 in one of these vessels. According to the series, the amount of "much" increased. He said, "Thanks to Netflix," he sold 6-10 bucks per day in his online store.

Another local reference is Brenda Haines. It's similar to Kondo, but it's adapted to our country. "There are issues related to cultural and idiosyncrasy in each place, such as denouncing houses or excluded objects, which have nothing to do with Japanese society," he says.

Everything looks bent and vertically (Martin Bonetto).

Everything looks bent and vertically (Martin Bonetto).

It does not even coincide with Japanese extreme exclusion. "A person who can have 2000 books at home and a library, we have enough space, so we work with clothes," says Haines. And complete: "Our philosophy is not happy to discard, but you do not live in things."

Haines receives ten-day inquiries. Most of the people who work all day and do not have time at home. In 2018 it made 120 organizations, from 2 to 3 a week. In addition, he sells 700 bucks and eleven in his online store. Pays $ 8000 plus VAT for a day of 6 business days. In terms of movement, where scratch is decompressed and organized, the rates are $ 9000 plus VAT per day.

Karina Fraenkel arranged a wardrobe (Martin Bonetto).

Karina Fraenkel arranged a wardrobe (Martin Bonetto).

"What I want to organize"

"I made my closet and I wanted to organize it well". That's Karina Fraenkel (46) at home, it was the starting point for a sharp change in speech therapy. She hired an organizer, who went to her house with another girl. First he emptied all the wardrobes. The clothes were placed in bed and on the floor. Then they were saved again. Karina learned how to dress and wear. 12 12 outfitted carts: "MC" short sleeves, "ML" long sleeves. The shoes and parties were on top. It was 8 working hours.

He liked it a lot, he continued on the kitchen. She thought she was no longer using it. Everything was emptied and well-molded. He put the carton in for closed food, another for condiments, and placed the separator, so the lid of the pots was not released. In the bathroom, the drawer left some personal hygiene spare parts, another large towels and small towels and a small loaf basket. All tagged It started in 2018 and, according to Karina, "it is maintained, not perfectly, but it is maintained".

When Ferrad de Guadalupe contracted an organizer (Germán García Adrasti).

When Ferrad de Guadalupe contracted an organizer (Germán García Adrasti).

"The house took a magical turn"

Attorney Guadalupe Ferreiro, 38, took advantage of the optimization move home. In order to hire a "guru". They worked for three days within a period of six hours. They arranged costumes, bathrooms, kitchen, room, books and personal items. Everything with boats. "The shoes are in boxes, the kitchen is labeled, the bottles are visible, the products are classified as laundry: clothing and laundry, everything has been found," he explained.

He certifies the effort he deserves. "It was very useful for me to be a pleasure". The house took a magical turn, the space was optimized, transmitted all the visuals and conveys good energy, "he adds, emphasizing that this method is supportive, he donated more than 30 bags of things and was no longer used , and in a good state, several institutions.

Keys to KonMari Method

* The order is decided to remove and save where it is. Elimination needs to be done as soon as possible.

* It's a happy feeling of exclusion and preservation. Remove all the wardrobe Take each object by hand, touch it and make it happy.

* Organize categories, not in place. If you have too many clothes, check the subcategories (pants, shirts, dresses).

* First-hand clothes, books, papers, various objects, and finally sentimental things and souvenirs.

* Ask for books, put everything on the floor. To remove all unread books.

* The height of a clothes drawer is folded and must be kept vertically. If there are shelves, use the boxes to organize them.

* Do not spend on organizers: go to the shoe boxes. Save all objects of the same type in one place.

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