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Markets were in favor of Argentina in 2019: the country's risk fell by 100 points and shares rose


Markets were in favor of Argentina in 2019: the country's risk fell by 100 points and shares rose

The JP Morgan Advisory Index was 730 in the first week of the year. Porteña Closed Bag.
The first Friday of 2019 the new Government brought new financial instruments. The drop in the dollar rate has been remarkable, close to the flotation floor, with Wall Street Argentine stakes rising 8% and the country's risk standing at 730 points, 100 fewer than a week ago.

The Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires came together with reference markets. The Merval index reached 4.04%, 32,318.99 points, and increased by 6.68% in the first week of the year.

The balance of the day increased by 72 documents, with eight low and no further changes. The volume exchanges were $ 861.04 million.

In the meantime, the country's dangers increased in descent and there were 730 units. JP Morgan measured its index by more than 100 points a week, after over 800 last days of 201. It was the fifth consecutive match, in that indicator that determines external and internal factors.

The number coincided with benchmark markets, after the Federal Reserve of the United States obtained positive results, as the temporary interest rate increase was possible. Wall Street encouraged good employment data in the United States after a week's weekend.

However, after the dollar it fell again and this week a 45-centimeter loss was accumulated before the strong offer of the city of Buenos Aires, the lower limit called "non-intervention area" was near.

In this way, he monitored his third week as a problem. If the currency is obtained with a minimum value (now, $ 37.21), the Central Bank can buy 50 million dollars a day to get more falls and add reservations. The Central Bank gave a total of 10 cents to the average of contributions, up to $ 38.41. The wholesale dollar lost 36 cents in the first week of 2019.

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