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NASA is a countdown to Mars InSight's Mars Storm, which will happen next Monday. The probability of the probability was 993 million dollars and was able to listen to earthquakes and study the functioning of a rocky other planet.

The guided nuclear space has begun for almost seven months and has made 482 million kilometers.

A part of its mission is to convey information transmitting information to send the red planet today, something that NASA wants to achieve in 2030.

Mars's landing is the first of 2012, NASA's trivia exploded on the surface of the explorer and analyzed the signs of living near the Earth on a cold and dry planet.

InSight must overcome the difficulties of accessing the planet's red planet: it currently travels at a speed of 19,800 kilometers per hour, and it has to be reduced to 8 km at this time.

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The arrival, descent and landing phase begin at 7:17 p.m. on Monday (local time). NASA refers to the term "terrorism six minutes and a half".

From 43 missions in Mars, only 18 red targets were obtained, 40% success rate, and all came from the United States.

"It's a very difficult time for Mars to be very difficult," said Thomas Zurbuch, associate administrator of NASA's Science Missions Directorate.

Guided boat

InSight becomes the "internal exploration" for seismic research, geodesy and heat transport.

With full fuel charge, InSight weighs more than 360 kg, similar to the Harley Davidson motorcycle. If you open your solar panels, you can measure up to 6 meters.

Its central tool is the earthquake detection seismometer that the French Space Agency (CNES) made.

"This is the only NASA mission created around a foreign tool," said Jean-Yves Le Gall, CNES President, AFP.

That is why he added, "It is a key role for the United States and France," which will facilitate Mart.

Sensors of the six sensors in the skin are very sensitive, which should be the slightest shaking of Marsen, such as Phobos on the face of the moon, meteoric impacts and perhaps volcanic activity.

The ships also have an automatic hoist that allows a digging depth of 3-5 meters, and the first accurate measurements of Mars underground temperatures can be carried out, as well as the amount of heat coming out of its steam. inside.

Landing care.

InSight landings will cut off a parasite, which will be an unladen spacecraft speed of 19,800 km / h. Its thermal shield will help slow down the ship and protect the friction that goes into the atmosphere of the red planet.

The landing plan will be the plain called Elysium Planitia, NASA has designated "The Greatest Marten Parking".

The US space agency will know for a minute how landing was successful, but it had been for more than five hours to wait until the unmanned spacecraft could install the equipment unimpeded.

They will be signs of life on the red planet

NASA's Mars Images. Photo: AFP

NASA's nuclear space, which will begin in 2020, will look at some traces of whether Marsen is alive or not, analyzing the geographic characteristics of the ancient lake and the delta, which have been monitoring the signs of ancient organisms a few days ago. American space agency.

The vessel will start a 45-km-diameter crater, when the start of a river, it could preserve the signals of organic and microbial molecules.

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