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Mars's landscape looks like the horn of the NASA – 11/11/2013

"Here is a quiet beauty, I'm looking for a new home," says the tweet that publishes the official NASA InSight account. The first image that took the group on the land of Martian.

In fact, the second image that sent the mission, after a few minutes after arriving in the red planet, was sent to a photo taken from the air. It came in well and the equipment worked well.

In this second picture, taken from the pillar with a camera carrying her arms robotic, the landscape of the red planet's desert is clear.

Along with these two images, InSight sent Earth signals, with solar panels open and sunlight on Martian surface. The deployment of the solar array ensures that ships can charge day-by-day batteries, NASA reported it on the official website.

On this Wednesday, the probe is expected to complete "surface operations" and begins "the instrument setting phase".

InSight's twin solar panels have a width of 2.2 meters. Mars has a weaker sunlight than Earth, since it is far from the Sun. "But the plot does not work. The panel gives a 600-day watt light in one day, it's enough to dispose of the home maker and drive many of their sciences in Red Planet," said the agency. America space Although the panels cover Martian skin, it may also work.

In the following days, the mission team will disassemble the InSight armor brain and use a camera camera to capture photos on the ground so that engineers decide where to place their spacecraft scientific tools. NASA's two or three-month period would be to implement fully implemented instruments and send data.

After seven years of work and seven months of space travel, the US probe InSight "hammered" Monday afternoon.

Successful operations of millimeter and dangerous Efficiency drive the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory center control center in Pasadena, California.

Since Artifact Mars landed, for the first time, after NASA's Rarity Vehicle, the only activity on the planet's red was.

Robots, satellites, or more than 43 more than Martxa, deployed by space agencies throughout the world, have failed.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory control center in Pasadena, California, after landing. (AFP)

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory control center in Pasadena, California, after landing. (AFP)

The United States has put artifacts there only to invest these missions in the 2030s with the intention of preparing for the future invasion of human explorers.

The probes lasted 480 million kilometers at 20,000 km / h, three to four times faster than the rifle bullet, reaching a 10 km radius of 24 km.

He had to listen to and study the $ 993 million probation for two years in Marsen to reveal the mysteries that he had raised billions of dollars a few years ago. To find out more about understanding the Earth's formation later on, it is the only rocky planet in the interior of the interior.

InSight accepted the first image on the red planet on Monday.

InSight accepted the first image on the red planet on Monday.

The goal is to build a three-dimensional map of a planet, so that "we understand the interior of Mars and we will know it out," said Bruce Banerdt, chief researcher at JPL.

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