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Massacre: 750 thousand pigs are needed and the campaign ends on Friday – 11/25/2018


This campaign to vaccinate against children between 13 months and 4 years old will end on Friday, November 30.

National health authorities are urging families to move to the nearest home to their homes that they receive immunity "Compulsory and free" All over the country for the age group.

The campaign started on October 1 It's done every four years To reduce the effect of measles and rubella, boys received an additional dose of 2,054,779 last Wednesday.

To the target population, 2,817,000 doses were established, There are still around 750,000 boys, said the coverage is 73%, Cristian Biscayart (Dicei).

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"It is very important that they still do not have children in nursery school, those who are missing those days, to get a better coverage," the official asked.

Often it is a malignant illness of all ages, although children under 5 years of age are badly infected; It can cause serious respiratory complications, such as pneumonia; Central nervous system diseases such as seizures, meningoencephalitis, blindness and late diseases with chronic complications.

According to data from the Health Organization (PAHO), from the beginning of the year and until October 23, 8,091 cases of patients were confirmed, including 85 deaths in 11 regional countries.

Venezuela (5,525 cases and 73 deaths) is headed by Brazil (2,192 cases and 12 deaths) and the United States (142 cases). In Argentina, up to now, 14 cases were registered in 2018.

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