Monday , May 16 2022

Massacre and rubella: 100% are not pregnant, but they are happy in health Cuyo newspaper


In the park in May. Nursery camps went to different green spaces and performed recreational activities for children.

Last Friday, the national campaign to monitor the vaccine against Measles and Rubella was over. In this context, according to the Ministry of Health, the percentage of children's immunizations is not adequate, however, they have been happy because 81% of the risk group received a vaccine dosage, which is very important. In addition, this amount could be increased by the fact that the last numbers will be processed today. The health minister, Alejandra Venerando, said that vaccination has been received in recent weeks, but I have not achieved this goal. "It's a surprise in the remote departments that the child's vaccine was 100% percent," added Venerando. Meanwhile, Marita Sosa's head of immunization, said vaccinated 45,200 children should be immunized for almost 56,000.

This campaign, aimed at strengthening this immunization throughout the country, began on October 1 and children were between 13 months and 4 years. In San Juan, the risk group was 56,000 children.

From Public Health, he wanted to make the whole group of risks want to make the most of this opportunity. That's why they did a lot of campaigns and the houses went home. The departments that visited the schools were the operators that built the squares in different districts and participated in the marathon and party departments, to obtain the best possible boys. Although they were remote apartments, such as Jáchal, where they did some logistics work before identifying the children of the department that needed to receive the vaccine doses.

"The smallest percentages of children's vaccinations are Chimbas and Capital," said Venerand, who was the most successful of the remote. For this reason, the local vaccination that most people in the city of San Juan have increased attention.

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