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Match three suitable adapters | Then …

The elections in Buenos Aires changed to Cambiemos. The head of the government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, is ready to reconvene the elections in Buenos Aires, announcing the passage of some weeks. This confirmation will be in February. Finally, Alfredo Cornejo (Mendoza) and Gerardo Morales (Jujuy) were radical governors. Actually, Mauricio Macri's request was revealed to resolve the dispute with Maria Eugenia Vidal. Now, before the president's renewed pressure, co-workers are long overdue and in March they will define this issue. And there was no dejection debate to define the unity of the province of Buenos Aires.

Macri's look against Vidal against the unified strategy of all the electoral procedures. The Lehendakari and his staff, Marcos Peña, decided to abandon another plan established by Vidal, and allowed the Nation to negotiate funds for claiming. Now, the look of Macri is made up of governors of the three provinces of Cambiemos, who still do not walk.

The first is Larreta, but unfortunately, he is aware that he is beginning to combine the elections of Buenos Aires with national pressure. However, the head of government has not yet been defined. They said they were "close" to make a decision about it. First, he will take a vacation in Brazil to think about things. However, as the heads of government approached, the decision would not arrive in March. Last year, Larreta managed to change the laws of Buenos Aires, which did not allow him to unify, so he has a date. Non-resistance does not get any pressure.

It is not in the case of radicals, in combination with the start-up strategy. Macri thanked Cornejo and Morales in the town of Cumel, and told them that they should meet together. We both thought and asked before discussing the topic of the division of Buenos Aires. Now, joining the province of Buenos Aires, they kept this argument. The course was resolved unfortunately, they alleviated a bit of debate.

No reason to reconcile it. Morales feels confidence with the victory of the opponent, but agrees with the Front of Terms of Renovation. For the moment, Macri argued that Jujuy did not help much in the national election record. And he convinces himself that the victory that persuades the president in the middle of the year is beneficial: Vidal tried and made the same argument. Morales talked to the newspaper Clarín about how shocked the solution to the conflict in Vidal was: "It was surprising that the progress made in March was progressing. We would adapt to the National Change Strategy," he said.

In the case of Mendoza, Cornejo can not again choose and its dolphin imposes on Martín Kerchner. The governor Mendoza presides over radical radicals in the province, according to local surveys that Macri will face against him. In short, the radicals see Macri as a backpack in their local elections. Right now, they're making definitions: they will not say anything about the election days until March.

Meanwhile, the deputy governor of Buenos Aires, Daniel Salvador, has said that Vidal is "the best province and decision for Buenos Aires".

"The same project is carried out on a national level, at provincial level and in the municipality, when we analyze this political space, this task is very convincing," says Salvador.

Meanwhile, the cabinet chief of Buenos Aires, Federico Salvai, promoted the division of the political wing of the national government, Vidal said yesterday that "the inhabitants of Buenos Aires should not vote for the number of days they should vote. I did not want the sound as much as its speculation."

However, official Vidal reveals that "the government has been able to debate about what has been proposed over the years and that the power tool must change". "The provincial electoral vote is enabled, there are proposals for single ballot papers that are opposed to voting, but at the moment it was thought that the calendar would be easier and more expensive," he said.

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