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Matías Morla: "There are always Maradona children's potential around" – 03/19/2019

There is an Argentine dream in the scene. Matías Morla looks at the entrance to the castle of Madero Est and looks perfect, admittedly behind the luxury: it seems that a man of the conurbation seems to have conquered something, a certain situation or a seemingly rich position. "At the age of 20, I learned and they charged me because I was going to dance. I now laugh because the same people are doing the dances that fill the boys," said Moron's lawyer, who has a press assistant and wants to go to Miami to "close the business" .

Look at it as well

He was 39 years old. Is married He is the father of three children. It has a house in Nordelta, an apartment in Puerto Madero and two iPhone that shake without rest. It's ten o'clock in the morning and he said he had met two meetings before meeting Clarín. It tells some natural things, parsimony, but it's still nice. "This is normal for me. It's 40 hours a day, it's always unstoppable," he clarified and certifies not losing one of these hours every morning for physical training. He drinks under water with sodium and shakes it: "But I prepared for it. And it's possible that the profile is not just a lawyer, nor something of an entrepreneur." The idea is to talk about it, but this means that, immediately, Diego Armando Maradona has consecrated him to talk about his client.

Matías Morla. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

Matías Morla. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

Morla has joined the line of historical managers of the idol of Argentina.Cysterpiller, Coppola, Mancuso, Stinfale). In recent years, he has become a man who manages his calendar, financial and media agenda. He contracts his contracts with the Sinaloa Tsar, but also the agreements with the Sheikh in the Arab world, which Maradona does not see in a God. Amazon (a film production company) has collected a good amount of money to shoot a series of Ten life. And he knows how to reveal something, he knows how to leave information or start murmuring as a journalist. "There are good journalists in Argentina," he says.

He has said he has written "material" for eight books, but his relationship with his friend is based on "love, admiration and discretion."

Look at it as well

He can still remember: "We are sitting in a tank, in Belarus, waiting for us to enter the field. We go out. An idol of all sides has cried Diego. We return to a tank at an airport and, in an hour and a half, Putin gets us in Moscow," he adds. "We went to Russia for dinner: Diego, Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Brasilgoa and I fat. Everyone slept in his bedroom. At dawn I closed the door, opened 150 police officers. I did not understand anything. Diego is asleep and has a prostitute on television Diego's abuse, but all lies, but Diego needs to live, "says the representative.

Diego also wants to know that the inner front is always on fire and that Claudia Villafañe hates him, as he agrees with the money of the idol. At a clinic in Punta del Este, he has been accused of purchasing two million dollars before the Cuban exile in a clinic and buying "apartments". Villafañe, on the other hand, is part of the inheritance of Dalma and Giannina. In this story, Morla called the money route Maradona. "Miami Justice Justice is the cause that is very fast moving forward – he says, I know that girls are hateful for that, but Diego defends money, it's the same thing with tee shirts, it's Claudia T-shirts, Diego, and at least that's what I'm discussing: English goal To get a T-shirt, what is it from Diego? How much does it cost? Sheikh can offer $ 100 million or be worth more than symbolic value. "

Matías Morla, lawyer who manages the business of Maradona.

Matías Morla, lawyer who manages the business of Maradona.

There are unknown Maradona children (at the end of this note, they added three in Cuba and La Plata). Morla calibrated itself, at one point aligned with the launch of the Amazon series. "To see nothing: there are always potential Maradona children around. Someone is always approaching and tells us that there is such a person in that place. All this was going around, and simply, Diego said he was ready to face the DNA and confess it. "

Morla believes that there is no justice in the media; An archive must assume that the truth published before each sentence is necessary; Judges also consume the media and consume families that consume the media. He learned from the teacher Víctor Stinfale, when he was very young, Candela Rodríguez was kidnapped by narcotics and police and sent us to kill the killer. It appeared in the month of August 2011. . "If public opinion is said to be an aggressive man, if he says that his daughter comes and has a sentence to say that he is a supporter, he will, of course, judge: he is not isolated from the context," explains Morla.

"That's why I think it's worthwhile to press on the mediator, and I believe that Justice must be strong: feminization, eternal, and more. You know something, they understand everything in Argentina and they are faster than you think, but there are others that do not understand anything," says Morla, close friend of Moria Casan. He defended himself in the case of robbery in Paraguay: he acquitted him. "Since then, I've been a confident. I've found the creature to be upset: we speak every day."

Morla looks at the clock. Diego Maradona speaks with him: Waiting for Mexico. Remember that tonight you are meeting and you will hear the following question:

– And you somehow feel that you've arrived?

-I feel my job when I'm …

-What's it?

– Direction to politics. Making a little luck is the best thing without having to steal it.

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