Saturday , June 10 2023

Mauricio Macri and the G20 leaders shared their dinner at the Teatro Colon


Mauricio Macri and G20's main leaders in Buenos Aires closed Friday activities at the Doron Hall of the Colón Theater.

On Friday night, the G20 family opened an agenda Ricky Pashkus, a show created by Argentinean choreographer, "Argentum", all the regions of the country and its musical rhythms.

President Mauricio Macri was in the middle of the table with his wife Juliana Awada, before whom Donald Trump was American., while sitting by President of Argentina, Angela Merkel, and could not participate, went to the first section of the discussions and went to Colon directly to Argentina.

They also occupied the table, next to the President Macri, Chinese, Xi Jinping, Japanese, Shinzo Abe and President of Russia Vladimir Putin, among others.

World leaders learned about a crab mill in the southern province of Tierra del Fuego, avocado and crispy almond.

After dinner, the leaders returned to their hotels with planned security operations and did not register any problems.

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