Thursday , January 21 2021

Mauricio Macri moves his chips in Neuquén with the candidate "Pechi" Quiroga

"I felt the explicit support of the Lehendakari and the desire to win the province of Cambiemos".

With this continuity, Hector "Pechi" Quiroga he mentioned Infobae to the This morning he held the meeting Mauricio Macri In the exclusive country town of Villa La Angostura, the Lehendakari celebrates with his family from the 22nd to the 22nd of December.

Quiroga, the capital of the capital of the Neuquén capital and the candidate of the governor Cambiemos, joined the Macri for 48 hours, the Lehendakari received the lease in the tourist house from the same room Omar GutiérrezOn Wednesday, he began a campaign to seek his electors.

Thus, the head of state entered the provincial elections, which will inaugurate the country's electoral calendar.

"He told me explicitly that alternation was necessary," Quiroga told the media. "I did not reassure the president, but he was calm and polite," he added.

This week, Monday, Macri stopped on his vacation, and will be extended to Gutiérrez next week, with a direct connection with the Lehendakari, and also a magnificent departure from some Casa Rosada offices. , especially the Ministry of the Interior.

Quiroga and Macri talked about the help of Vaca Muerta. However, the mayor, Villa La Angostura arrived tonight tonight, when he spent more than an hour. Marcelo Bermúdez, Secretary of the Government and Neuquén Town Council Coordination "Excess Expenditure in the Province".

The leader also said that "everyone who feels a part of the electoral commitment of Macri is to unify the elections," an example of what Casa Rosada is looking at, for example, the convenience of moving forward in the Buenos Aires province, which convinces too much of the PRO section.

"I decided that the mayor of Neuquén had to make the election elections for the same day." I mentioned Macri because he thought that Gutierrez was so close, why did not he do it the same day? Quiroga.

Gutiérrez is a tough conflict between the radical leader. In Cambiemos, internal forces have been the last day for the list of official coalition government candidates. The clashes between the Proko and the UCR came from Macri's nose.

Neuquén made an initial shot on Tuesday, 10 March, with the country's election calendar, not having taken the lead in his mind, unlike Cristina Kirchner.

In the south of the country of Macri, political activity will continue on Friday, the governor Alfredo Cornejo and Gerardo Morales and the mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. Among other issues, Mendoza, Jujuy and Buenos Aires will be speaking on the day of the elections in the vicinity. It will be María Eugenia Vidal, she still does not know what to do with her province schedule.

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