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Mauricio Pochettino: First qualification in England – 08/08/2014


Mauricio Pochettino is another. From roles to aspect. But at that time he learned the most important thing. It was a child in the strict sense of the term. At the age of 18, his teenage boyfriend and his face refused to tell all the excitement that the bodies had achieved during the early 90's. He played for the first year of successful Newell's success, remembering every walk on Independence Park.

Marcelo Bielsa became a universal coach. Just a short while ago, his most impressive visit to the club began, the name he had approached at that time. Bielsa was not yet Colossus. But this virtue already acquired from it: the ability to fascinate it from words and examples. From trust Once again in Newell's First, Fool has opted for almost no inexperienced middle-aged teens: Fernando Gamboa was 20 years old and Pochettino was 18 years old with his partner. He gave them spot. He distributed them. Both were surrendered. They were the champions.

It must be said: in this way, Tottenham Hotspur forces lead to Pochettino. It's no coincidence: Chelsea's 1-0, Wembley, Murphy's team was very close to joining the League Cup final. Go through the first Spurs title in the last decade.

When the game was over, Harry Kane was the first keeper of Pochettino's favorite soldier. He scored the penalty for the first time 27 minutes.

According to detail: Kane was at the age of 20 in 2014 when the Argentinian coach took Tottenham leadership after taking a prominent position in the Southampton Premier League. Eleven games and three goals were in the background of the club. Little Or there's nothing for a team that wants to sneak into Premier League 4 at the top.

Pochettino, a valuable student from Bielsa, made the same with him: trust. He saw he saw. He believed in his terms. He risked it. He trusted him. He put his head. Kane was in 2017 (the calendar of the year) and the Golden Boot of the World Cup. After two conquests, Pochettino was first admonished.

In summary, on January 24, at Stamford Bridge, a reorganization will take place. The winner of the series will be Manchester City winner against the stunning Burton Albion in the third category. In London, Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro or the Mexican football ground, There are many who want to see the Pochettino Champion.

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