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Mauro Caiazza said goodbye to Jimena Barón with a tender publication

Dancer Mauro Caiazza He posted a nice picture on "Goodbye" Jimena Baron he made a trip to work.

Jimena Barón is dedicated to her mother and is incorrigible as a romance. Mauro Caiazza, a lover of dancing, "Dancing in 2018," was his partner during the last year, when he was forced to leave the blonde girl and her son Morrison for a while.

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Actually, when the "Morning Show" was confirmed, the singer went Miami He has recorded his second album and is very happy because he lives in his life.

After a restful luxury hotel family assembly and in the first half of January with Cajaingo, with a cold seaside Punta Cana, Jimena has loaded his batteries and his dream has become excessive, as it has been published RatingCero.

Goddess adjusts everything and returns with her new music for her lovers, as did "La tonta" shows and tours, she published her first album on the track and published unpublished hits. Argentine pop artist, following local people.

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That Mauro "Momo"Three funny cartoons that he shared in Argentina with Instagram, left a romantic message:" I love you, do not let anything stop ".

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