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Maxi Rodríguez Newell returns: "First love always becomes"

The Argentine football hierarchy strengthens the route and advanced ages. Yesterday, returning to Pepe Sanden, at the age of 38, after Lanus, after failing in Colombian football failures and after apologizing to President Garnet. Nowadays, the return of a fertile child has become a real one: Maxi Rodríguez has a third cycle in Newell for a period of 38 years.

Rosarino's club leadership contacted La Fier and expressed the desire for a red and white shirt as a footballer. The player was very pleased with this communication, leaving the decision to Peñarol in Uruguay, because they improved the contract. Rosella fans came up this afternoon on Newell's social networks.

The signing of the Steering Wheel in the third phase of Newell, during the period 1999/2002 and 2012/2017, tears between the tide, announced after a series of serious economic problems. campus organization and complex political climate.

Maxi, close to Newell's house.
Maxi, close to Newell's house.

"Fiera" has won the World Cup World Cup 2006, 2014 and 2014 for many young people targeted by Héctor Bidoglio, and has been the director of the reserve and confirmed in that post. Its duration lasted both sides.

Maxi Rodríguez will be 38 years old in January, and in mid-October 2017 played in Uruguay, Peñarol, a two-year champion and Uruguayan Superkup champion.

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