Monday , May 16 2022

Maximum in the Netherlands: "Major publications of Argentine publications are underway"


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The Netherlands visited the country as the Special Defender of the country's secretary

The UN

Inclusive Financing for Development. He did there

G20 Summit

Prime Minister Mark Rutte replacing the Netherlands.

Mima, on the other hand, had a lecture

Kirchner Cultural Center

woman's economic power. Yesterday, 23, the CNN also broadcast a journalist interview

Marcelo Longobardi,

where he again mentions the financial affairs, which day he will be dedicated to himself. He talked about Argentina and gave his point of view about the country.

As the reporter says, the queen belongs to these issues with pure vocation and not necessity, Máxima has committed herself and responded to the journalist's phrase "yes". "At age 14, I wanted to be an economist because I could help him to be a very important economy. It's very important, then I did it again, I married my husband and I had the best results I had traveled around the world. I'm very proud," said your maxima

Argentina and Latin America

He also reported on the situation in Argentina and also linked to Latin America. "The incentive saving is the only number of discipleship and we see in Latin America, with 12% formal savings, with less than half of the developed countries". Financial inclusion can not be with stable currency. "he emphasized.

He also emphasized the fiscal and tax importance of connectivity, money system and financial inclusion. "The regulation of changes is very important in Argentina," he added. "I hope the financial result is better, I hope we can increase the financial inclusion in the next three years, I think there is a great potential."

He also said that he was working on financial inclusion, he has been able to see great achievements. "Over the last seven years, we have advanced 1, 2 million people and left 1, 7 million, but we will not stop farming, genres and SMEs, the world's leading creative creators," he said.

"Poverty is very expensive"

"Poverty is very expensive," he said later. He said that poverty must be demanded of a loan that is "more expensive than a person with a higher purchasing power". He also stressed that saving this person consumes "inflation" and therefore believes that financial inclusion has an important contribution to reducing poverty.

"Today, after millions of millions of people have been reluctant to get out of poverty, they have dropped, for example, medical costs," he said. "This person has helped a lot better health insurance," he said.

Gender gaps

Máxima also mentions the inequality between men and women in financial terms. "The gender gap is 7% and it is 9% in the financial market," he said. "In some countries we see, as in the Netherlands, that women have less credit, we have to work much more with women, banks believe they are better paying, they are much loyal, but they still see the Bank as much riskier credit," added yours.

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