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"Maybe I missed the future of my family" – El Ciudadano newspaper and the District

Following on from the Central Executive Committee, the party's director, Fernando Zampedri, opted for independence. He gave a tough expression aimed at the criminals and expressed his grief to "his future" family.

"The central operation refused, but I went on Wednesday (Wednesday) to explore the possibility of improving the contract I spoke to the clubs and leaderships, I said that my desire for transfer was an economic problem, the answer was too low: I do not pay any compensation. we will suspend the debt, whose payment I will immediately request, "he shot through the statement by Zampedrik.

"I am a person, not a thing," warned the attacker. "I often doubt the players who make the pressure of the clubs, I did not do it, and I've lost the opportunity to secure the future of my family. Football is a rule: good attitude is a sign of weakness," he said.

He also tried the chronology of Zampedrik events. "From January 3, I started negotiating Independent to hire, transferring the offer to Central and sending my job offer by my representative. Although my salary was very significant, the Communist Party had to negotiate and defend itself with confidence," he said. "Until Tuesday, I have never talked with middle leaders to pressure. I kept continuing with absolute respect and professionalism, respecting the Institution," said El Toro.

He provided details on the negotiation: "Central Leaders initially set about $ 3 million, the first proposal for independence of $ 1.5 million. My partnership with the club was to leave debts with me and negotiate a few weeks after about $ 2.8 million they arrived ".

Despite being thankful in the middle, Zampedri acknowledged that "my family is the first one, I'm a professional football player, I dreamed a couple of years ago with great football, for two weeks, I'm 31. I have a family to face the future and protect me a little more," he said .

"I always thanked the power station," he confirmed to Zampedra. "There's no better way to show gratitude than to break my soul in all training and in every game, to check the number of times the coach was infiltrated."

Zampedri does not play demagoguery. "The Central Zone is a great organization, but it is not" my house "or" my mother "or" my life. "I am a professional and they are decisions based on paying work, fans are confused that the protagonists sell smoke, but that's not for me I am in a position to make sure that my family's future economic asset is fun for football players, "he said.

Zampedrin said, "all of this is not affecting my performance. If I happen to know, I know that I am the main man. I will continue to give myself everything. First of all, my family, I am sure, because I am a professional and my businessman. I was helped by a technical team and, of course, for lovers of refusing this conflict, I'm training tomorrow (Friday), I hope to jump in court on Saturday, I'll always do my best to defend my organization, "he concluded.

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