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Meghan's "Cylinder Talker"

January 31, 2019

The Duke Sussex attended the National Theater as a goddess. Meghan was more than six months pregnant, but she showed a little more than the elastic.

At the beginning of the year, from the communications area of ​​the British kings, Sussex Duchess was a fourfold sister. After Meghan Markle, he started the visits, starting with the Smart Worker Association, and helping unemployed women recover their trust in the need to work on conversations.

It was the second change MayhewIt is an association that works for animal welfare, but the third visit is one of the places that really affects the heart of his profession, because he married the Prince Harry and took part in the king: National Theater The boss received Isabel II from her grandmother's grandmother and met with several actors, also with carpentry, carpentry and painting.

When arriving at the theater, Duchess's style has repeatedly shown the design of extreme design, thanks to Brandon Maxwell's two cream paintings, which appeared in her stomach and emphasized her pregnant belly. With the costume of a pair of sandals linked to the ankle boots, which was announced on the same day as the official commitment. The rest look is Carolina Herrera's bag and gold earrings.

The highlighted was a lot of detail brassiers The duchess, having more breasts to progress during pregnancy, explained to the body as unnoticed in the body, I would rather not stand out. He showed astonishment and that the duchess's distinguishing feature, which Megan introduced into the third quarter of his pregnancy, was under the stomach.

The body of the pregnant women changes in weeks It is the volume of the mum, so that when it presses this small memory that remains in our uterus in the intestinal cavity. At that moment, the navel no longer has space and leaves, it is seen as a small button.

According to the specialist, the penis "leap" during the third quarter of pregnancy (about 28 weeks approximately) was extended after that dark line (not estimated in all pregnant women), called linea alba. As they say, the skin's elasticity and the fluidity of the pregnant women's muscles depend.

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