Monday , January 25 2021

Mel B confirmed that she was a lesbian relationship with another member of Spice Girls

For many years, both the press and the fans created possible lesbian relationships between Spice Girls. Now, Melanie Brown, Called "Mel B" He asserted that Geri Halliwell and his partner had an adventure in the early nineties.

du A confession that happened in a conversation Column Column Sunday mail, Piers Morgan is preparing a new series of "Life Stories".

The victims of the ongoing murmur of the past, when they were said to be more than friends, confirmed that singer It happened intimate with both events.

"I will hate it because of this, because it is very intelligent, it has its house and its husband It's true. There was something serious, something happened. We laughed and that's it, that's all, "he said.

Without responding to the frequency of his sleeping together, he told the girl of the explosive hair The relationship between you is not the best.

"That is what I said, now (Geri) will kill me," said the 43-year-old singer who will be a member of the team. Meeting 4, Space Girls 5next May 24th They start a new tour Dublin, Ireland.

Asking the driver your sexualitythe interpreter replied He has no preference "you fall in love with me"And he commented that "a relationship with a woman is 5 years old" showed him more opportunities.

Obviously, Melanie Chisholm, a member of the "Mel C" group, also attended the program's guests. everything was new to him.

Gari Halliwel, 46, married in 2015 with Formula Professional Provider, Christian Horner. After making statements by Melanie, Halliwel refused his response to the revelation with his partner.

The close relationship between nearby sources was assured Mel B and Geri Halliwel are not the bestFor a tour of the meeting, they studied the costumes that "friends" used to wear. It is said that when Mel B wanted to break the skirts, Geri was more humbly dressed.

The Space Girls was his British pop band 90s rise. In his nearly 10-year career, "Wannabe" performers They sold 85 million records.

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