Thursday , February 9 2023

Men have the characteristics of the person they are most likely to have – Brinkwire


Millions of men give endless hours to the body at the gym.

But it could be more effective in attracting sexual partners to the bending of certain personal identities, the researchers say.

A new Australian study claims four different features for male sexuality & reproductive success & # 39; They are directly related. They are constantly, polite, emotionally stable and conscious.

However, the same characteristics are not effective for women.

Researchers from the University of Queensland studied 2,998 male heterosexual and 1,480 female heterosexual women as part of 2016 Australia's Sex Survey.

She was considered polite, emotionally stable and very conscious as the first one was due to a higher sexual frequency.

In addition, they had more abuse with men with more children.

However, the results of collecting scholarships – Personality and Individual Inequalities published in the journal – differ significantly in the case of women.

They only got sex extroverted as well as being extra, it was "nice" to have more children for children.

The discovery suggests the combinations of some personality features & # 39; men give their advantage to their partners.

"Throughout history, competitive advantages have made men and women more successful in occupation, sports, art, resource acquisition and securing, and ultimately their survival capability," says Dr. Stephen Whyte.

"However, little is known about the advantages, or disadvantages, personality characteristics given to sexual activity and children's success.

Science is not a strong understanding of the characteristics of personality that lead to human cover and reproductive behavior, and, in particular, the types of personality caused by men or women.

"Our findings suggest that the greater variance of men's characteristics and their particular combinations can provide sexual and reproductive benefits, but that's not the case for women we have studied," he said.

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