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Mendoza, land of Millo land

History will tell you the summer night, the sun's land and a good wine that feels good, River was again the Gallardo River of Muñeco. In March of 2018, when he won the Argentine Supercup of Boca, Napoleon's team made a turning point. He fell in love again with his game, with severe pressure and the hierarchy of his individualities. Of course, Godoy Cruz found himself in an uprising. Much more than Andrano's free kick, Arman defended his goal-to-left goal, Tomba made everything Millionaire recover. Harsh, inaccurate and shameless players (until the game stopped) Tomas sent Nacho Fernandez and Palacios free to Andradas and Elías to enjoy the ball and control the ball.

Gómez, Tomba TD, had a great level of his team. Will come. | Marcelo Rolland / Los Andes

Has it prevented three rows? Nothing. River overlooked the last past and regained his memory. He tried to pass through Montiel and Casco wings, crossing the triangles and beyond. Tomas responded to Gonzalez and Burgoa as a result of a foul thrown out by Andradas. But as a group of hierarchy, Millo did not move forward and responded quickly. First, the triangulation between Casco, Pérez, Palacios and Borre was thrown into the center and Fernandez was going out. Then, when Andradas wanted to repeat (against Lanús), Borré recovered early, Palacios helped Pratto and the left of Hartza was the left lapidary.

The Colombian showed a good level. | Marcelo Rolland / Los Andes

Looking to his people, the river grew and there was much more. In fact, before Borrek scrambled to a goal (an innocent hand and a coffee knife), the Colombian striker was suspended by a legal goal, as Gerardo Carretero asked for two assistant numbers. To kick off the injury, Cardon kicked off and ran into 10 worst moments. He asked the river everywhere, it was cut to 2-0 and he took a break.

Marcelo Rolland / Los Andes

ST was the first to follow. However, the game was no longer on the rise when Pratter had a weak resistance to Ramirez. And Suárez's debutants also scored at that party. Mendoza, if the holy land is in its history, the river took advantage of the unprotected Tomb, clear and innocent.

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