Saturday , January 29 2022

Merval made 2.6% with a large volume; The dangers of countries are 700 points


du Stock Markets and Markets (BYMA) earned 2.6% of the Merval benchmark, 33.769.35 points, In the midst of external financial optimism, Americans and Chinese trade bargaining have caused them.

At home, the massive wave of buying was watched by financial papers driven to raise the market Up to 4.3%, the average wheel.

The most important progress of the day took place Central Port (+ 6.4%); Cablevision (+ 5.8%); Supervielle (4.6%); and Galicia (+ 3.4%), whose papers were panel operators ($ 334 million).

There were 64 routes, 17 dead and 8 reports without changes. The total amount of the shares traded was over $ 1,000 million, up 34% to $ 1,148.6 million at the highest level of the year.

On the main panel, some papers flew around 10%, Caputo (+ 9.8%); Fiplasto (+ 8.6%); and Petroleo del Cono Sur (+ 7.8%).

"This trend has changed for this month," said one operator. In the six days of 2019, the main panel had an increase of 11.8%.

"International financial conditions were granted to Argentine assets, the new capital for the capital flow of new countries in Brazil (Jair), Bolsonaro, was the protagonist and led to Argentina. Mills Capital Group Advisor

In Wall Street, on the other hand, Dow Jones and Standard & Poor's 0.4% rise; and the Nasdaq of the technology sector increased by 0.9%.

China and the United States closed the Pequeno trade conference on Wednesday, which lasted longer than expected, to prevent trade in the global economy.

Bonuses and country risk

In fixed income, US Dollar dollar bargain bargain businesses have earned strong profits against investors' renewed interests.

In 2037, growth increased, with an increase of 1.7%. Additionally, the Argentine Argentinean discount increased by 1.4% and a one-year bonus, up 1%. Meanwhile, Bonar increased by 2024% 0.5.

However, in the US, the highest increases were registered in the titlesPrices up to 2.4% (2037 global).

In this area, JP Morgan's countrywide risk decreased by 2.2% to 711 points, Even though the mark was 702, the minimum level from the beginning of December. Remember that this indicator will rise 840 points in the last week of 2018.

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