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Merval's worst year in a decade


Main actions Buenos Aires Stock Exchange It has now reached an increase of 2.6% and the year ended 0.7% growth, the tenth worst result, while the country's dangers had a recession and stood at 810, at the end of 2017 in 350.

On the last day, Monday will not be feasible, even though international markets work, the Merval indicator reached 30,299.55 points and the shares traded volume was 570 million dollars.

The price has been canceled 56 papers are moving upwards, without changing 18 under and 13 species.

Argentine bags and markets 7.42%; Mirgor, 6.44%; Banco Macro, 6.29% and Grupo Financiero Valores, 5.82%.

On the other hand, they were closed: Aluar, 4.42% and Transportadora Gas del Norte, 0.88%.

During the month of December, Merval fell by 3.8% and had a slight 0.7% annual increase It was far from being an investor and shelter shelter Inflation reached 50%.

In the bond market, the main Argentine bonds in dollars have been strongly strengthened and, in some cases, more than 3%, in accordance with country risk enhancement.

Bonar 2024 experienced a 3.1% increase; On the other hand, Bonar advanced 2021% 2.1, Discount and Argentina 2025, 1.8% and a one-century bond, 1.6%.

"Forget about a year's end, with the consequences of the weakening of weight in the weakness of the Argentine economy. The latest growth reflects the evolution of the Merval index in nominal terms with the minimum, "said Mauro Morelli, RavaBusiness analyst.

The specialist said the role of Argentine company Wall Street was "very hard during the year, 30% drop and 70% in dollarsAlmost all of them are literally liquefied. "

"Economic worries In the new countries, Argentina is the worst performance In this category, and political instability and economic uncertainty, it is worthwhile that the country still participate in this category, "he warned.

"The 2019 financial keys have not yet been calculated": tax solvency, low inflation and exchange stability. "

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