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Message from Leonardo Ponzi to Boca: "We will make sympathy and again, the ideology of this group is part" – 12/12/2018


Before the sun appeared on Thursday, the river appeared in Madrid. And when the Eurostars Tower arrived in Chamartin, while his friends entered the hotel facilities, captain Leonardo Ponzio encouraged a group of fans to pick up the band. and Boca Bronze Cup finalists left many messages beforeOn Sunday, the Santiago Bernabéu will be played. Both of them indicated the other way to clear the thought of the group entrusted to the Monumental Micro-Neccina attack.

"What a lot said was not true. We act in the best way. It gets angry at us from the first moment. Some of the players from the Boca team were communicating with the team of Boca, and I do not mean to add more, "said the main midfielder, and then reaffirmed the reach of the group:" We are back in solidarity because of the ideology of the team and we are working for more than four years. ".

With regard to this matter, Ponzio clarified that Carlos Tevez (who was challenged by the River Players) did not discuss them in particular, and could not think of Boca players to send a message about the movement in Europe. "We do not have any of the things we do, but the players decide, but surely, when it happens, they will be able to reconsider things. "

As a result of violence incidents and the decision of Conmebol to get rid of the river, he went to Madrid. What happened on the Riverside campus? "We are already Spaniards, and we have to think about what's coming, when we are trying to adapt to the new schedule and the rhythm of here, it has already been shaped since its decision." It was almost a month. The first end but we know when to play, We focus and know what we want. "

Leonardo Ponzio took the voice of the group of river to the exit of Madrid. (Marcelo Carroll)

Leonardo Ponzio took the voice of the group of river to the exit of Madrid. (Marcelo Carroll)

On Saturday, Ponti also sent (Saturday, many of them on Sunday 25) a monumental fan and they have decided to watch TV on TV today.

"There are a lot of hurt but we will not solve it with words, only with results. 66 thousand people of the monumental will help us and they will be with us. We are going to defend them, "said coach Santa Fe, Marcelo Gallardo in the speech, on Sunday the Sunday afternoon, according to Monumental," the only way to defend the fans "is inside the Ibai auzo."

Regarding the match, Ponzio emphasized: "The goal of the finalist is not worth it, everything is reconciled and there is a special game in every context, and now it's out of America. We will play" White House "(that is what Real Madrid says in football and) It is a unique match against our classic ". This restriction can be part of a muscular injury caused by a leg. "I was very much nervous in the first final," he admitted.

You know what the man from Las Rozas is playing Santiago Bernabéu. When he dressed in the Zaragoza shirt. And when does the match come with you?

"He captures me in the state of experience and imagines all that you can imagine. I've lived for a long time in the river," Leo confessed. And he emphasized the value of what is coming: "It can become a party an important landmark of my career ".

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