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"Messi is overcome from a social point of view"

Technical director Barcelona, Ernesto Valverde, indicate Lionel Messi It's more than a "simple" footballer Copa del Rey against Sevilla, will be played on Wednesdays at 5:30 pm. "Messi is not a mere player. Although it's not the only player with wonderful things, we're saying something goes beyond"analyze".

"I manage a piece of his talent as a player in the field, but I have overcome it from the social point of view. Once after I got there What does it mean in the world?, all this is a natural step ", the coach emphasized the new Rosarino crack after the show of Cirque du Soleil.

Whether we were to win the twelfth game in Seville or not, it was 2-0 against Valverde, saying: "We have made changes to the past, like many teams, in front of us and we did not get any good results. We have games that are a week, But priority is the Cup match. We will try to change the group in two rounds ".

On the other hand, the coach talked about the evolution of wounds Samuel Umtiti and Ousmane Dembl: "We're going to come in somewhere with us to do something. I know it's a little slow but we hope you can try it next week or next week training I do not think that Dembl is in Valencia. Could not train. But I think we can have it next week. "

On possible sales Ivan Rakitic The next June market will go through, Valverde was quite reluctant to say: "The player is very important, it's just before coming. In any case, escaping from the future is dangerous. But no one deceivates that Ivan is very important ".

In the end, the Catalonian team technician mentioned the evolution of the game Nelson Semedo: "A very distracting player is very difficult, because I put him in Seville (Jess) Navas for the other day and he rested (Jordi). We're very happy with it. In defense, it is very difficult to overcome its speed and gradually improve. "

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