Saturday , January 29 2022

Messi wants to eliminate the work that Jaime Mata wants to say about his grandchildren and want to permanently eliminate it – 06/01/2014


January 6, 2019 will be forever in Jaime Mata's memory. In addition to two very specific behaviors, he also managed to reduce Getafe's first goal and to reduce his distance to Barcelona in the first half.

Just two minutes away, the two unforgettable moments of Mata were created. 30-year-old Spaniards made the ball 19 minutes in the second half when Lionel Messi arrived to get the ball. With a soft touch, Mata passed between her legs second hand: Once, the mockery was mocked. Now the pipe has been made by Messi.

So far, the play that Mata will play at Christmas with her family, with a video that will happen once again with family and family. Two minutes later, anyone who has arrived has forgotten it.

Getafe scored a stunning position against Ter Steg. He took the German goalkeeper and scored the goal scored by an empty goal, but he started sending something unbalanced. There was a great chance and the history of the game changed in Madrid against the champion. Mata, meanwhile, wants to remember another.

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