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Messi, world football brand: will play Copa América?

"The best player in the world" has 44 hat-tricks in Barcelona, ​​with three goals against Sevilla and 6 Argentine teams. Messi's face surpasses football year after year. The rights of his images are among the most popular footballers on the planet, who has been playing for many years in the video game industry, just like his iconic figure.

In November 2017, Barcelona signed a new contract "10" until June 2021, and with a clause for voting for the 700 million euros in Catalan. Major clubs usually enter the protocol when the contract is signed when the rights of the image given to the football player are paid by the total amount of the remuneration paid until the end of the contract. This makes the club's shield, colors, symbols, isográficos and badges facilitate the commercialization of a player that uses the player next to it.

Messi will receive $ 122 million from the United States for four seasons According to the Football Leaks portal. From this figure, $ 86.5 million players have been assigned the card and 15% of the figure to the rights of images. The contract establishes a premium of $ 77.4 million (renewal) and $ 85.3 million of additional US $ premiums (when the contract is terminated if it is not left). Also, if you play a unique U $ D 2.3 million bonus you have won 60% of matches and $ 14.6 million Championships among others.

Football Federation Fédération Internationale (FIFA) and EA SPORTS ™, distributing Electronic Arts Inc., approved the extension of the license agreement until December 31, 2022.

In 2013, Jérôme Valcke, former FIFA secretary, said: "FIFA video games are the basic elements of our work to expand the FIFA brand and the world's values. FIFA Interactive World Cup 2,5 million fans, this is an example of EA's collaborative power the only one ".

Leo's video game was the 2006 FIFA edition. There, the player became the most complete playerin real life and in virtual life. Along with Cristiano Ronaldo, he shares the highest score (94 average) among the most popular among gamers.

A few weeks ago, through a video on his Instagram profile, Messi officially announced that the story of the fantastic show will be the star of 2019: "It's incredible and at the same time crazy to create a show based on my life. My passion, my sport, Cirque du Soleil is one of our favorite shows of our family. This show will definitely surprise everyone." As always, "when Messi's negotiations started yours.

After a year, Messi and PopArt Music closed Cirque du Soleil and Sony Music companies. "I'm sure the shows will break all the records, as Messi plays in football," said Sergio Lavié, co-founder of PopArt Music.

Eight months after the participation of the 2018 World Cup team and "10" extreme silence, both confirmed by DT Lionel Scaloni and AFA President, Claudio Tapia are optimistic.

It is close to the date of the call, but there is still no official voice before Mexico's presence in Venezuela and Morocco (on March 22 and 26 at the Wanda Metropolitan of Madrid and the Prince of Rabin, Moulay Abdallah). The Argentine Football Federation will receive an additional 500,000 bonus. Tapia explained that Messi's spokesman said: "The list will be given in the first days of March and we will doubt it, but Messi will certainly be." Messi's return will be dependent on Scaloni. I'm convinced, if they call them, they will be with the national team, as the Nation's team knows everything we want, what it means is that Leo will enjoy it again. "

César Luis Menotti also came under the leadership of his national teams: "The Argentinian team has 40 players, when the coach decides 23, they will undoubtedly come in. If it were to Messi, we would be saved, because they are very good players."

There is no doubt that Messi, 31, is considered to be "the best in the world" in football world. However, in his professional career in Barcelona, ​​the magic of Rosario was not correlated with his interview with the mayor, especially in the last three World Cups (2006, 2010 and 2014), where he showed his talent in the saddle. Land use for land use. Since 2011, the national team has signed Messi with the Colón de Santa Fe court after completing the Copa América rounds off, the relationship with Argentinian fans makes more shadows than the lights.

Leo Messi is a powerful brand that surpasses footballl. It is a symbol of traveling to the world and encourages children and young millions to enjoy the most popular game, as a superhero adventure that helps ghosts and costumes move away.

Messi is now a player that is more complete, but also more virtual. Perhaps the last king covers the real football flag. On television screens, mobile phones and intelligent, video games and a circus around the world, the "world football" is becoming a huge virtual machine, drawing faces, silhouettes and stadiums, with bright lights and sharp sounds, but with no human rights in their schools.

In a short season, Messi will "respond" to know whether or not he will be called Copa America in Brazil, starting on June 14.

Beyond voluntary will than AFA, this decision will not be easy for the Argentine team captain, still without a license. They will lose their remaining penalties against Chile (2015 and 2016) and will continue to win the 2014 World Cup in Germany. EIf Messi "10" inspires and breaks all the discs, there is not enough blue and white motivation. It has the right to express it and ask once again. It's time for those who welcome soccer in Argentina, and do not adjust the opening of the doors of the change, looking at mirrors capable of giving Messi alone.

* Attorney UBA-Director of in Latin America

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