Wednesday , October 20 2021

Micaela Law will be treated in separate sessions: What do you propose?


Last week, harassment, abuse and rape, the case of Fardín-Darthés and the latest director of the Senator La Cámpora, will demand executive power Micaela Law is urgent In the field of extraordinary sessions gathered at the National Congress.

On Monday, December 17, the decree would be formalized Tuesday 18th would be treated Prepared by Legislative Wizard of Victory Analía Rach Quiroga.

What do you propose?

According to the initiative, " compulsory sex training For all the people that make up the three powers of the State ".

"It has laws Objective to train and raise awareness for the purpose of the State to prevent, punish and eliminate the prevention of violence against women, "says Order 811, which was presented on December 13.

The law seeks to impose Micaela Law Photo: Twitter @analiarach

Leonardo Grosso, Lucila De Ponti, Monica F. Macha, Mirta Tundis, Gabriela Cerruti, Facundo Moyano, Victoria Donda, Silvia Renée Horne and Araceli Ferreyra, among others, requested treatment.

The case of Micaela

The regulations were paid by Micaela García, a young 21-year-old girl, Gualeguay, between Ríos, who died in April 2017.

Sebastian Wagner acknowledged the crime and said that Néstor Pavón was his boss, who helped him fulfill him.

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