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Michael Jackson shows his abuse at the Neverland Palace

A secret toy of all kinds of toys to attract the outfits. In November 2003, when he joined the Neverland Police in Los Angeles, Michael Jackson's elegant shelter in California found tremendous objects: nude teenage photography, pornography and child abuse. After a great documentary released Neverland left, which focuses on the testimonies of the two men who talk about the "King Pop" as children, when he reflects on the fact that they are being told, still reappears the images that are still present in real property on the outskirts. still on sale.

The police report, after 13 years, described after the attack One found the objects in the headquarters, among which there are images of totally nude teens and pornographic material for infants and young adults. In the room and space in each house, the anti-author anti-author "Thriller" was not found, and the denunciations were always denied.

The images were recorded by the authorities when the video was made in a prestigious celebration of the famous Jackson Palace. At least 70 agents were involved in the search for pedophile property evidence.

Ron Zonen, a spokesman for the Barbarian court judge, told Radar Online that Jackson used some materials to "give numbs" to children for abuse. Zeno has said that at least five children have made complaints against the dead singer. "There's no doubt that Michael Jackon is guilty of child abuse. "

According to the statements made by the Idol counterparts, the objects were discovered that "young men were bound to the plan of seduction", as evidence of their methods. "

Jackson bought 1,114 square meters in 1988 and paid homage to the imaginary world of Peter Pan, Neverland, because children did not grow.

Pornography and books and magazines have also found naked teenagers and sadomasochs a secret room hidden behind a wardrobe. Beyond the Neverland Ranch suit, Jackson designed COnly those who have organized hidden and insured parties. It had three lockers, protected enough to protect privacy. Inside, you can see all kinds of elements. Jackson spent a lot of time with Jackson as a true museum for children.

The film directed by Dan Reed testifies Wade Robson and James Safechuck, which guarantees the author of "Thriller" They despised them as children. Robson was 7 years old when Safechuck was 10 years old when he met the singer.

James Safechuck expresses Jackson's names of the mansions he allegedly treated badly. The first abuse was assured in hotel rooms, but purchased the Neverland singer was easier to perform attacks.. Almost all of the property had a hiding place with bedding, Jackson could cause many kinds of abuses of discovery.

Pop star died on June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles, at the age of 50. He never condemned allegations about pedophilia. In order to prevent the Convention, a million came to different settlements, with families accused of crime.

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