Saturday , May 8 2021

Michelle was discovered, a 15-year-old girl disappeared in Palermo – 11/11/2019

The Ministry of Defense has ratified the sources of the Ministry bugle A 15-year-old student from the Ecos School was found on Wednesday at Palerm.

Michelle left her home in Palermo after talking with his parentsThey found the police and sound of the Municipal Police. It was in a flat, in Azcuénaga 700, from three Houssay Square.

Discovery was achieved thanks to the tracking of the security cameras record. "Already with the Police and People's Police Search Division already in the town," this force has been confirmed from this newspaper.

Metro camera told the researchers at the Faculty of Medicine and the Houssay Square, a statement he was told.

On Friday morning, when the local police investigated, a 25-year-old man approached detectives Tell me the teenager was in her apartment.

The girl left her home in Palermo on Wednesday, 9. Father He found three letters. For him, one for his wife and the third for the girl's brother.

To say goodbye to the three family, he made some requests and explicitly asked "not to look for".

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