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Mike Amigorena: "A man touched me in the subway and I could not do anything"

Conference on the last performance of the 2018 program I must say The courage of women ran around they told about the events of harassment Those who have suffered at some point in their lives. Mike AmigorenaOne of the American cycles invited, on the floor He cited a mentioned experience He recently lived.

"A month ago and a half ago there were a lot of people in the car (underground), and always stayed at the door". There was such a moro (a gesture that refers to the man he was doing) I stayed here and it was like that in the queue "Amigorena said, he touched the man.

Before the surprise of all guests and the driver of the program, Luis Novaresio, he continued his story: "I swore … after telling me Sofia (Vitola, her girlfriend) and she said:So you can see what feels. ".

"You do not know the feeling … I was looking at the guy from the car and started climbing the stairs, I had no choice but to leave him. But I could not do anything. I cried there, but it does not make sense. What will I do? Will I hit him? Look at what he's doing. I said to myself: "& # 39;Imagine that a woman should spend it in five minutes ".

Then he gave more details of the situation and said he felt that when he touched him he traveled to the subway several times: "The second time I said:" The guy is touching my butt. " I stopped. My wife told me: "Imagine (we hold back) compliments, collective, boss …"

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