Wednesday , October 20 2021

Millionaire Compensation For Former US Media CEO Denied Excessive Sexual Abuse


UNITED STATES, New York.- Board of Directors CBS, the gigantic media and United States media reported Monday that its former president, Leslie Moonves, There is not a single percentage of the damages of 120 million euros in the contract.

"With regard to Mr Moonves, we have determined that the causes are grounds for a reason, including the abuse of authority and involuntary will, the violation of company policies and the violation of the contract," said the statement.

By generous contract, Moonves owes $ 120 million in debt. However, the commission was awaiting the results of the investigation carried out by two legal authorities to investigate allegations of sexual abuse against senior management.

"Mr Moonves will not receive any compensation from the company," said the Commission, citing the "lack of wills" of "Moonves", in "fully collaborative" research.

The former director left CBS in September, due to allegations of sexual abuse by some of the company's employees, but was expected to receive a large amount of compensation because he did not violate the contract terms.

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