Saturday , January 16 2021

Miramar: A woman has reported abuse in the El Durazno camp

a 28 year old woman Last Friday, at 11:00 p.m., a neighbor of the campsite El Durazno de Miramar was surprised by two other friends. He was injured on the stomach.

Police sources said the victim said Friday at 11 noon to go to Ballester Street, The three men were surprised.

Based on the story of the victim, he acknowledged an attacker Neighborhood neighborhood20 years old, with whom he fights and with whom he eventually abused him, lying next to the road.

In this case, Miramar UFI is a decentralized prosecutor Alejandra SalasAfter getting acquainted with the complaint, he got images security cameras There were several incidents occurring incidents.

"I have a complaint but there is nothing more than a complaint against an outside person from El Durazno"he told him Infobae Rooms He argued that there is no current arrests and he argues the incident "They are subject to research, and more details can not be given".

Aside from what was happening earlier, he said: "I want to deny the things out of the media. five peoplewhat was it in a camp And that a car intervenedThat's not real. "

The prosecutors are also investigating the events that took place at the El Durazno campsite at dawn. New Year, when They accused one of five youth ministers in Mar del Plata within the property.

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