Monday , May 29 2023

Momentary thinker and escchatological TN screen during G20 coverage – 29/11/2014


We are doing several hours and programs in different programs and channelsG20 Top Cover, the forum with the most important political leaders.

This happens In unusual situations, as in the TN screen Noon from 12:00 p.m., in the delivery of the notification.

The journalist Lorena Maciel spoke with Guillermo Lobo about the security measures that are taking place during the ceremony, and at that moment he sought help. Journalist Adrián Ventura on her cell phone.

Then it happened blooper cruel While they were passing through the land, the reporter called for silence in seconds, but then, while the different G20 images appeared, his voice was heard: "Yes … I am …"

Quickly, Wolf cut him down: "Thank you Adrian." "We will contact Adrián Ventura directly", follow Maciel, trying to leave the usual commentary.

of course, The video immediately came to social networks Different types of visits and commentary, in general, are fun with different users.

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