Saturday , June 10 2023

Momo's funny txistu and Jimena Barón's meditation: "When they have a good mother or they laugh."


The actor shared the sworn matches of his son, and the fall ended with an unexpected dancing step.

Momo's Director and Jimena Barón's Island
Momo's Director and Jimena Barón's Island

At home Jimena Baron (31) humor is never missing, videos are not complicated Morrison "Momo" OsvaldoHis son at 4 years old, his nightmare and pranks won the love of people who follow his mother's social network.

In this way, the actress and singers shared a sequence of Momo videos to showcase dance choreography. However, it was a puppet: a boy came to the skateboard, invented a daring step and ended the floor.

"You live on the skateboard and, as a choreography, have more Mati Napp, Mauro more (Caiazza)," she told Jimena Momo and gave her a blooper.

"You come on the skateboard, you go down and choreograph Mati Napp, more Mauro (Caiazza)"Jimen told the boy, in a fun video, Momo was obeyed and the result was shocked.

Then Baron stated in Twitter: "When a good mother is laughing or when she falls, that's the question," she says. he published, playing with his humor, adding Morrison's images. As it may be, its fans celebrated the video and gave it less than 24 hours to more than 39,000 people.

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